General Terms and Conditions



These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: GTC) define the terms and conditions for the purchase and use of tickets and products (hereinafter Services) via the online sales system operated by Mof Club Ltd., located at 1037 Budapest, Farkastorki lejtő 34/C, (hereinafter Service Provider), between the Service Provider and the user (hereinafter Customer), as well as the rights and obligations arising between the Service Provider and the Customer. These GTC also outline the rights and obligations between the Service Provider and the Customer. These GTC constitute an integral part of the agreement between the Service Provider and the Customer regarding the use of the Services. The condition for the conclusion of this agreement is the successful registration and/or purchase by the Customer on the website, as confirmed by the Service Provider.

The GTC use the following key terms:

  • Services: the owner and operator of the website (hereinafter: Portal), i.e., the Service Provider is entitled to enter into a contract with the Customer for the use of the Service. Product).
  • CustomerThe Service Provider sells tickets and products (hereinafter: Product) for events (hereinafter: Program) appearing on the Portal. The Service Provider does not sell products that require a permit, so it does not qualify as a licensed service. The Service is specifically limited to the sale of Tickets and Products.
  • Service Providera user who visits the Portal for the purpose of purchasing tickets and voluntarily, at his/her own risk, provides personal data requested by the Service Provider (hereinafter: Registration) during the visit and accepts these GTC during Registration, for the purpose of purchasing one or more Tickets or Products through the Portal. Users who visit the Portal for the purpose of visiting but do not purchase tickets are not subject to these GTC.
  • Portal: an internet website owned by the Service Provider and operated at
  • Productan offer appearing on the Portal for which the service fee can be paid through the Portal.
  • Registrationa visitor to the Portal provides the Service Provider with the data required to use the Portal and make purchases by completing a form. With Registration, the Customer notifies the Service Provider that he/she intends to use the Service for the purpose of making a purchase. The Customer, during Registration, declares that he/she has read the content of these GTC and accepts them as binding, and also consents to the handling of his/her data necessary for the use of the Service, subject to the scope defined in these GTC, with the acknowledgment and acceptance of the Service Provider's Privacy and Data Management Regulations.
  • Venue: a building or area hosting the Program where the Program is held, and whose precise address can be found on the electronic or printed ticket/voucher purchased for the Program.
  • Date and Time: one or more dates associated with the Program when the Program is available.
  • Policy: specific entrance and behavioral rules established by the Organizer in view of the circumstances of the specific Program, containing mandatory rules for entering and behavior, which are not part of the annex to these GTC, which can be accessed either at the Program, on the Organizer's website for the specific Program, and/or on the Program's social media page, or posted at the Venue of the Program.




Under the Service, there is no option for reservation without payment.

Owner and operator of the Service:

Company name: Mof Club ktf,
Registered office: 1037 Budapest Farkastorki lejtő 34/C
Tax number: 27467813-2-41
Email address:
Postal address: 1037 Budapest Farkastorki lejtő 34/C
Phone: 70 3344 377

The Service provider is available via email for inquiries, feedback, and complaints related to the Service.


  1. The Program can be attended by everyone at their own risk . Participation in the Program establishes a service relationship and obligations.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the schedule.In case of a change in the schedule, the purchased Tickets will be valid for the new date in accordance with the GTC. In case of a change in the schedule, the Organizer will publish the changes on the Portal and inform the affected Buyer through the contact information provided by them.
  3. The Organizer will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safe conduct of the Program,but the Organizer is not responsible for the behavior of visitors who may behave recklessly. If the Buyer disregards the House Rules or participation rules defined by the Organizer (e.g., disruptive behavior towards other visitors, being under the influence of alcohol, etc.), the Program cannot be attended even with a valid Ticket. The Buyer who violates the participation conditions, the House Rules of the Program venue, the instructions of the security service, or other law enforcement agencies may be removed by the Organizer in order to ensure the safe conduct of the Program and the uninterrupted entertainment of other visitors. In case of such exclusion for this reason, the Service Provider or the Organizer is not liable for damages..




  1. Registration is suitable for identifying the Buyer and distinguishing them from other users of the Service. By registering on the Portal and electronically entering into the contract for the use of the Service, the Buyer can avail themselves of the Service. By registering for the Service, the Buyer acknowledges the GTC as binding upon them. The GTC forms an integral part of the contract between the Service Provider and the Buyer concerning the use of the Service. The provisions of the GTC are applicable in all cases to the legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Buyer, unless the contract for the use of the Service contains explicitly different provisions. Based on the currently applicable legal regulations, individuals who have not reached the age of 18 may not make purchases on the Portal
  2. During registration, mandatory data entry is required. Therefore, the Service Provider will only accept the Buyer's registration if they have provided all the required data.The Buyer declares that the data provided on the Portal during registration correspond to reality. The Service Provider is responsible for providing the Service in accordance with the data provided by the Buyer. The Service Provider excludes liability for damages resulting from incorrect, faulty, or false data or email address provided by the Buyer during the purchase, but it may demand compensation for any damages incurred in connection with this. The agreement between the parties is concluded in Hungarian.
  3. The Service Provider is entitled to delete obviously incorrect or false data,and, in case of doubt, it is entitled to verify the authenticity of the Buyer. The Service Provider reserves the right to reject registration in justified cases or to withdraw it temporarily or permanently at any time. A justified case includes providing false or incomplete data. It is also justified if the Buyer demonstrably abuses the personal data of other users or has demonstrably abused the Service's system or purchased Tickets during any previous registration. The Service Provider will inform the Buyer by email about the reasons for rejection or withdrawal.
  4. In case of an incorrectly and/or incompletely provided email address, the Organizer is not obligatedto search for the Buyer at their other contact details to ensure the correct delivery of confirmation. The Buyer is responsible for any damage resulting from an incorrectly or incompletely provided email address or from the email being unsuccessful for any reason (e.g., the email account being full or deleted in the meantime).
  5. The Service Provider electronically confirms the Buyer's successful registration.The confirmation of registration includes the accepted username of the Buyer and the fact of accepting the registration. After registration, the Buyer can use the Service by providing their username and password on the Portal.
  6. During registration, the Buyer can verify and modify their personal data in their account on the Portal at any time. The Buyer is obliged to inform the Service Provider of any changes in their data within a maximum of eight (8) days from the occurrence of the change.
  7. The Service Provider requests and expressly recommends that the Buyer regularly change their password, not disclose it to anyone, and preferably not store it in places accessible to others. The change of the password is confirmed by an automatic email from the Service Provider's system. If the Buyer forgets their password or loses it, the new password will be sent by the Service Provider to the email address provided during registration. The Buyer is fully responsible for all activities related to their user account, username, and password, and for all purchases and other activities carried out through them. The Buyer undertakes to immediately notify the Service Provider of any unauthorized use of their data or any other security breach. The Service Provider is not liable for any damage resulting from storing the password or disclosing the username and password to a third party.
  8. The Buyer is entitled to submit a statement to the Service Provider at any time that they do not wish to use the Service in the future, and in this regard, they may request the deletion of their registration by sending an email containing a request for deletion to the Service Provider's email address. After the message is received, the Service Provider is obliged to promptly – but within a maximum of 30 days – arrange for the deletion of the registration. In this case, the Buyer's data will be immediately removed from the system, except for those subject to retention and registration obligations as set forth in the data protection declaration. Deletion also does not affect the preservation of data and documents related to orders already placed, and it does not result in the deletion of such data. After deletion, there is no way to restore the data. In conjunction with the deletion, the Service Provider immediately terminates the Buyer's user account.
  9. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the legal relationship with the Buyer by giving notice of thirty (30) days. The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the legal relationship with immediate effect if the Buyer demonstrably disrupts or attempts to disrupt the proper operation of the Portal or any activity to be conducted on the Portal, or if any purchase transaction by the Buyer is not closed within fifteen (15) days for reasons attributable to the Buyer.
  10. In case of serious breach of contract by the Service Provider, the Buyer is entitled to terminate the legal relationship with immediate effect if the Service Provider does not remedy the breach of contract within fifteen (15) days despite the Buyer's prior written request. The validity and usability of the Ticket purchased within the framework of the Service are not affected by the Buyer's termination as per this section.




  1. On the Portal, users can browse menu items and Programs within menu items without registration or logging in. However, within the framework of the Service, it is not possible to make reservations or carry out any other payment-free transactions.
  2. Payment: The purchase of Products on the Portal is only possible through advance payment by bank card via the SimplePay system:

During online payment, after providing the requested data for the order, the buyer will be transferred from the online store's payment preparation page to the secure payment page of SimplePay, where the necessary card data must be provided. The merchant has no knowledge of the content of the SimplePay payment page, as it is an independent and secure website.

The Service Provider is not responsible for any errors that may occur during bank card payments.

  • The determination of the prices of the Products is within the competence of the Service Provider. The Service Provider reserves the unilateral right to change prices with immediate effect. The Service Provider reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for each transaction for online services as an administration cost. If the Buyer is required to pay an administrative fee or handling fee for using the Service, the Service Provider will clearly and quantitatively indicate this separately from the ticket price determined by the Organizer for the Buyer during the purchase process. The prices indicated are gross prices and include the amount of VAT. The selected delivery and payment methods may involve additional costs, which the Service Provider will accurately indicate in the appropriate place during the purchase process.
  • Adding Products to the cart does not obligate the Buyer to make a purchase. If the Buyer does not wish to purchase the selected Ticket(s) and/or Product(s), they can remove it from the cart at any time or delete the entire contents of the cart. After compiling the shopping cart, the Buyer still has the option to modify it, but after the financial transaction, there is no possibility for the Buyer to make any subsequent modifications to the cart. During the purchase process, the Buyer has no other obligations beyond paying the consideration. The Service Provider excludes the exchange, replacement, refund, or any other form of compensation of tickets for specific dates. If any Program is canceled for reasons within the Organizer's sphere of interest, the unused Ticket may be used by the Buyer at the next identical Program.




  1. By making a purchase, the Buyer enters into an electronic contract with the Service Provider. The Buyer acknowledges that the electronically concluded contract is a distance contract that does not qualify as a written contract; therefore, it is not accessible in registered form and is not archived. The contract between the Service Provider and the Buyer is concluded for a definite period. The data saved electronically at the time of the purchase confirm the conclusion of the contract. The language of the contract is Hungarian.
  2. Upon the conclusion of this contract, the Buyer accepts the conditions set forth in these GTCs and undertakes to exercise the rights prescribed for him in good faith, to fully perform the obligations prescribed for him, and to acknowledge the legal consequences of any breach of these GTCs. The Buyer consents to the processing of his data necessary for the use of the Service in the scope defined in these GTCs and in the Privacy Policy. The Buyer is fully responsible, both in civil and criminal law, for any damages caused within the framework of or in connection with the Program to the Organizer, the Service Provider, their contractual partners, and third parties participating in the Program.
  3. The purchase can be interrupted at any time without consequences before initiating payment. According to Section 29 §. (1) l) of Government Decree 45/2014 (II. 26.), the Buyer may not exercise his right of withdrawal or termination if the Ticket for the Program is for a specific date/duration. In this case, the Service Provider is not able to refund the Ticket, nor to reimburse the value of the purchase. The only exception to this is the cancellation of the Program.
  4. The Service Provider will do everything reasonably expected of it to inform the Buyer and facilitate the refund of the Tickets in case of the possible cancellation of the Program. The Buyer acknowledges that in the event of the cancellation of the Program, the process, location, and deadline for refunding the Tickets will be decided by the Organizer, and the Organizer is responsible for its realization. The Service Provider will immediately publish the information on refunding on the Portal when it has received them in an official form from the Organizer.
  5. In case of a canceled Program, the Tickets can be refunded within the thirty (30) day prescription period set by the Organizer from the date of the announcement, upon presentation of the original Ticket and the purchase receipt. In the event of a canceled Program, the Buyer has no other claims or compensation claims against the Organizer besides the price of the Ticket. In other cases, Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. The legitimacy of the refund of the price of other services taken in addition to the Tickets must be judged based on whether the individual services have been performed by the service provider.




  1. The protection of the Buyer's personal data is of paramount importance to Mof Club Ltd. and its contracted partners responsible for implementing the Service. The Service Provider respects the rights of the Buyers with regard to their personal information and, therefore, handles the data it possesses confidentially, in accordance with data protection laws and international recommendations, as specified in its Privacy Policy.
  2. The Service Provider declares that during data transmission and storage, unauthorized third parties cannot access the data. The Service Provider undertakes not to disclose any information about the Buyer without their prior consent unless required by law, a legally enforceable court order, or another legally enforceable authority's order based on legislation. Regarding the management and storage of personal data, the Service Provider acts with the utmost care expected. Despite exercising the utmost care expected, the Service Provider is not liable for damages caused by unavoidable attacks. In case of a legal dispute arising in connection with the Service, data processing will continue until the duration of the legal dispute or until the limitation period for the claim expires.
  3. When purchasing Tickets/Products, the Service Provider only requests information from the Buyers that is absolutely necessary for the completion of the purchase. This information is only disclosed to third parties who are necessary for the completion of the purchase. Such third parties include the Organizer, the partner processing credit card payments, the partner handling electronic invoicing, and, upon the special request of the Buyer, the delivery partner. Only the data necessary for the performance of the services they undertake is transferred to these third parties. If the Buyer no longer wishes to purchase Tickets on the Portal, they can request the deletion of their data through any of the Portal's contact methods.
  4. The Buyer acknowledges that during the purchase process, the following personal data will be transmitted by the Service Provider to the data processing partners participating in the performance of the service:

Invoicing: online invoicing platform, operated by Kft., 1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 7/C. The scope of data transmitted by the data controller is as follows:

Buyer's name

Buyer's phone number and email address

Buyer's address

Payment and delivery method

Details and price of the purchased products

Online credit card payment / SimplePay: During the purchase, the Buyer uses the SimplePay service operated by OTP Mobil Kft. for payment. The Buyer acknowledges that the following personal data stored in the user database of, managed by Mof Club Ltd. (1037 Budapest, Farkastorki lejtő 34/C), will be transferred to OTP Mobil Kft. (1143 Budapest, Hungária körút 17-19.) as the data processor. The scope of data transmitted by the data controller is as follows:

Buyer's name

Buyer's address

Cart contents

Cart value

The nature and purpose of data processing carried out by the data processor can be found in the SimplePay Data Processing Information at the following link:

  1. By using the Service, the Buyer consents to the Service Provider forwarding the Buyer's and Purchase data to the respective Event Organizer for the purpose of enabling the Event Organizer to directly and immediately inform the Buyer about important circumstances related to the Event, such as event cancellations, changes in timing, or any other important information affecting the Buyer, as well as to directly handle the redemption or exchange of Tickets.
  2. If the Buyer subscribes to the Service Provider's newsletter and/or notification service, the Service Provider may, at its own discretion and at varying frequencies, send newsletters or notifications to the Buyer. The Buyer can unsubscribe from these services at any time, thereby prohibiting the use of their data for such purposes. In the case of subscribers to the newsletter and notification services, the Service Provider is entitled to recommend events on a personalized basis based on the place of residence, previous purchases, and other provided data of the Buyer.
Recurring Card Registration Declaration
Recurring card payment (hereinafter "Recurring Payment") is a feature associated with card acceptance provided by SimplePay, which means that future payments can be initiated using the bank card details provided during the
registration transaction without the need to re-enter the card details. To use Recurring Payment, by accepting this declaration, you consent to having future payments initiated by the Merchant through this webshop ( without the need for re-entering your card details or your consent for each transaction after a successful registration transaction.

Attention(!): The handling of credit card data is carried out in accordance with card association rules. Neither the Merchant nor SimplePay has access to credit card data. The Merchant is directly responsible for any Recurring Payment transactions initiated incorrectly or unlawfully, and any claims against the payment service provider (SimplePay) are excluded.

I have read and understood this information, and I accept its contents. 




  1. The Buyer's use of the Portal presupposes the Buyer's knowledge of and acceptance of the possibilities and limitations of the Internet. The Buyer acknowledges that they must assess any potential risks associated with browsing and purchasing on their own, and they are responsible for the secure use of their computer and the protection of data stored on it. By placing an order on the Portal, every Buyer declares that they have understood and accepted these terms and conditions.
  2. The Service Provider strives for, but cannot guarantee, the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Portal, nor that access to the Portal will be continuous or error-free. The Buyer acknowledges that, due to the nature of the Internet, the continuous operation of the Portal may be interrupted without the prior knowledge or intent of the Service Provider. The Service Provider is entitled to suspend the Service in whole or in part for maintenance purposes or for other security considerations without prior notification or notice to the Buyer.
  3. The Service Provider is only liable for intentional or grossly negligent errors that can be attributed to it. The extent of liability may not exceed the value of the purchase transaction. The Buyer acknowledges that the Service Provider excludes liability for any damage caused by the Buyer, the Event Organizer, or any third party involved in the purchase process through contractual or unlawful activities or omissions. The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage or misuse that occurs during or as a result of payment by credit card.
  4. In the event of consumer complaints, the Buyer may contact the Event Organizer. The seller's warranty and guarantee liability is governed by the Civil Code and Government Decree 49/2003 (VII.30.) For matters related to consumer protection legislation and regulations, the Buyer can visit the website of the National Consumer Protection Association and/or the National Consumer Protection Authority.
  5. The Service Provider excludes liability in all cases where the damage is caused by the contractual or unlawful activities or omissions of the Buyer, the Event Organizer, or any third party involved in the purchase process.
  6. In the event of war, rebellion, terrorist acts, strikes, accidents, fires, blockades, floods, natural disasters, severe energy supply disruptions, or any other unforeseeable and insurmountable obstacles beyond the control of the Buyer or the Service Provider, such that one of them is unable to fulfill any contractual obligations, that person shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from these events.




  1. This General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to the Service Provider, the Buyer, and, in accordance with the contract concluded with the Service Provider, also to the Event Organizer associated with the Program. The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Event Organizer is regulated by a separate contract. This GTC does not extend to the Service Provider's subcontractors, such as the bank card payment processor and invoicing partner, or other parties related to them.
  2. This GTC is effective indefinitely from the date of entry into force. The Service Provider informs the Buyer, and the Buyer expressly acknowledges, that the Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally amend the GTC. The Service Provider may only modify the GTC for substantial reasons. Reasons for modification of the GTC include, among others, changes in the mandatory legal provisions governing the legal relationship between the parties, changes in the Service Provider's data, extension of the Service to new websites, introduction of new delivery or payment methods, further development or changes in the ticket sales processes used in the Service, changes in economic or economic conditions or circumstances. In the event of a modification, the amended GTC, incorporated into a uniform structure, shall enter into force immediately upon publication on the Portal. In the event of a modification to the GTC, the modifications will be indicated in a conspicuous manner, such as in italics and underlined text, or deletions will be crossed out in relation to the content of the GTC in a uniform structure at the time of the modification.
  3. If the modification of the GTC adversely affects the Buyer, the Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in writing without giving any reason within 14 days following the entry into force of the modified GTC, provided that the Buyer has not commenced their visit to the Program, has not checked in, and has not used the Ticket in any other way or transferred it. The right of withdrawal shall not apply to the Buyer if the modification contains more favorable provisions for the Buyer.
  4. The Service Provider informs visitors and Buyers through the Portal about the content of the currently valid   GTC and the Privacy Policy, which are continuously accessible, viewable, and printable through the Service Provider's website. Matters not regulated in this GTC are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code in force at all times.

Date of effect: December 14, 2022.