In our photo gallery, you will only see recognizable images of guests who have explicitly consented to it!
Inside the club, you are not allowed to take pictures of yourselves or your friends either!


At some of our events, we have a professional photographer available for those who wish to capture memories.
However, at most of our events, no photographs are taken, and therefore, there are no images in the gallery from those events.

Mega Fetish Fantasy – 23th March 2024

Uniform Fetish Party – 9th March 2024

Ladies and Bitches Party – 8th March 2024

Crossdress to Impress – 3rd Feb. 2024

The club's 1st birthday party - 10th Feb. 2024

Rock’n’ Fetish Party – 13th Jan. 2024

Season Opening – 9th Sept. 2023

White or Shiny Photo Fetish Party – 27th May 2023

Grand Opening – 11th Feb. 2023

Before reconstruction – 3rd Sept. 2022

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