The most daring club of Budapest

The venue

The Ministry of Freedom is a club for those who dare to be different and have no prejudice. The wildest fantasies can come to life in the secret universe of real freedom, located in Budapest's downtown, beneath the Palace District. The exact address is only sent to those who pre-register for events. The club was created by the organizers of the Freedom Fetish party series to provide a welcoming, accepting, and free-spirited atmosphere every week, which is what makes this community so dear to our hearts. In its design, the club aims to transport you to another world, stimulate the senses, and invite you to play.

The Ministry of Freedom provides an opportunity for us to experiment with unique parties, whether it's regarding the themes of the events, musical styles, or the time of day for partying. Therefore, always read the descriptions of each event carefully to avoid surprises regarding special rules, unique dresscode, or unusual starting times for a particular party! Because we want to ensure that everyone knows what kind of event they are attending, you can't just drop in on us randomly: tickets for every event must be registered with an advance payment. This also helps you avoid heading to a sold-out event; you can see on the event page if there are available tickets. If there is room for more attendees, any available tickets will be visible on the website during the event, and you can snag them then.

Most events at the club are only open for ticket registration to club members to ensure a safer and freer atmosphere. You can purchase memberships for one year on the club membership page. However, even without membership, there is an option to visit the Ministry of Freedom, and you can read more about it here..

Our mission

The Ministry of Freedom aims to open the gate to a realm of carefree freedom where external societal expectations don't bind you. Here, everyone can feel like they're in a different universe, one that can only be entered by letting go of everyday conventions. The dresscode ensures that no one is a mere bystander; instead, everyone contributes to the communal joy by breaking away from society's clothing norms and truly expressing themselves. Here, joy and hedonism reign supreme, and no one is ashamed of their true selves. Everyone can fulfill their secret desires as long as it doesn't disrupt others' enjoyment of their own hedonism.