Conditions of entry

Entry to the events off the Ministry of Freedom is only permitted for those who:

- have passed their 18th birthday, and can confirm it with an ID card (or other official document).

-Have registered to the event online, in advance.

- Adhere to the dresscode. In case you are unsure, send us a picture and we will respond, whether or not your outfit is suitable.

- Are not under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

- Have not been removed previously from the venue.

- Do not bring objects that are a risk to public safety, food, drinks, alcoholic beverages to the location of the event.

Rules of attendance

From the event of the Ministry of Freedom, those can be banned, who

- Bring a phone with the camera uncovered to the site of the event, or attempt to take pictures with any other devices.

- Approach others without their consent, or touch them against their will on purpouse.

- Is prejudiced or disrespectful toward others.

- Act agressively.

- Is not in their right mind.

- Does not follow the respective/individual rules of the events.

General rules of participation of the events

By the 1999. XLII. Act, about the protection of non-smokers, that is in effect since 1 January 2012, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in enclosed spaces. Our smoking guests can smoke outside the club.

Those are not entitled to participate in the event, who

- acts in a manner that is against legislation, or is troublesome form the other participants,

- uses and abuses substances classified as narcotics according to the current legislation,

- breaks any of the rules of the event.

On the event we take verbal, physical or any other type of harassment very seriously. The harasser will be removed immediately from the venue and is not entitled to a refund. Establishing any form of contact with an other person, can only happen with their consent. Neither the venue, nor the organizers take any responsibility for any physical, emotional or mental damage taken from potential play. Please pay close attention to each other.

A KLub kizárólag a neki felróható szándékos, továbbá az emberi életet, testi épséget vagy egészséget megkárosító szerződésszegésért felel, és a Látogatót jogszabályok alapján megillető jogokon túl kifejezetten kizárja a felelősségét minden egyéb káresemény kapcsán.  A Szervező kifejezetten kizárja felelősségét minden, az előző mondatban nem említett személyi- és vagyoni káresemény kapcsán, továbbá nem felelős azon károkért sem, melyek abból adódtak, hogy a Látogatók elmulasztották a rendkívül fokozott figyelem tanúsítását a testi épségük megőrzése érdekében.

The visitor is liable under civil and criminal law for any damage caused to both the Club, the organizers and to third parties. The Club excludes liability for any damage caused by the unlawful conduct of the visitor.

The Club expressly reserves the right to change the programme, as well as to change the venue and time. The visitor is not entitled to make any claim against the Club regarding these changes.

We do not take financial responsibility for items lost in the Club's area.

The Club is not responsible for items dropped off in the cloakroom. A limited number of safe deposits can be rented.

For those wo would like to change, a coed dressing room is available in front of the cloakroom.

Due to the nature of the club, only the organizers, or persons appointed by the organizers are entitled to make visual and audio recordings on the premises after prior information.

In case visual or audio recording of the programme is made, visitors appearing in the recordings, if they are not recognizable, may not make any claims in connection with it, nor against the organizers or the creators of the recording.

Felismerhető fotó kizárólag olyan vendégeinkről készül a szabadság minisztériumában, akik ehhez, és a fotó közzétételéhez kifejezetten hozzájárulnak.

The starting times of the programmes are only indicative, there may be a divergence from it.

In order to ensure the safe conduct of the events, the organizer reserves the right to limit items and devices that can be brought into the venue. Thereby any narcotics, pyrotechnic devices, glass objects, umbrellas, explosive, toxic or flammable materials, firearms, knives with a cutting edge longer than 8cm, butterfly knives, spring knifes, gas sprays, lead sticks, expendable batons, throwing stars, slingshots, or other items that are defined as particularly dangerous to public safety - currently by the 175/2003. (X.28.) Gov. decree - are prohibited.

By entering the site of the event, the above mentioned rules are considered agreed to. Those who break any of the rules, are obliged to leave the venue, or can be expelled by the organizers. In this case a refund for the entrance fee can not be demanded.