Frequently Asked Questions

In the city center, but the exact address of the club is not public. You can find it on your ticket, as you can only come to us with a pre-registered ticket.

You can change in the space before the coat check before entering the party area. The dressing room is coed, and its size is limited, so it's more convenient if you arrive already wearing the dress code attire underneath your coat.

There are no lockers, but a limited number of small-sized safe deposit boxes can be rented.

If possible, both. Credit cards are the default payment method at the bar, but for entry and the cloakroom, it's easier and faster to use cash. So, we appreciate it if you bring the remaining ticket fee, cloakroom fee (400 HUF/item), and possible safe box fee (600 HUF + 2000 HUF deposit) in cash.

Parking is possible on the street, but it's not easy, and on weekdays, it's paid until 10 PM, as the club is located in the downtown area of Budapest.

You don't have to do anything. If you don't give clear permission for this, you won't appear in any photos for sure. Guests are not allowed to take photos at our place, and we also seal off the cameras on their phones, which is strictly prohibited to remove. For most of our events, we don't even invite a photographer, but if we do, we either promote the event as a photo shoot from the start, or only recognizable photos are taken of those who provide written consent for it.

We are strict about this, and asking for permission is a must before any physical contact. Saying "no" is taken seriously. Our audience usually respects this rule because they know that failing to follow it could result in being banned from the club. 

You can't bring your own food/drinks, but in addition to various drinks, hot-dogs are available at the bar.

Tickets for all our events must be registered in advance. Club membership is not a substitute for a ticket, but is necessary in order to be able to buy tickets for closed parties, and for certain particularly popular parties, you can register tickets earlier/cheaper with it.

In this case, closed means that you can only buy tickets for it if you are logged into the site as a club member. As a club member, you can buy tickets for as many people as you want, if you take responsibility for them. 
So the necessary steps:
- You must register on the site.
- You have to buy a club membership (the one-year one is better, but we recommend the two-day version for tourists).
- By logging in as a club member, you update the event page and buy the tickets.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, tickets for all our events must be registered in advance, and this is only possible with a bank card.

If the payment was successful, you received an e-mail to the address you provided, with the subject: "Event Ticket" or "Esemény jegy" if purchased from the Hungarian site. Search for it, and if you have it, you will find the link to your ticket at the bottom of the letter: "Download Ticket" or "Jegy megtekintése a letöltéshez".

Yes, and most people arrive in the first two hours, because entry is usually more expensive after 6:00 p.m. We love these daytime parties because no one has to upset their biorhythms, people are less tired, and those who still have energy can go to other parties with the company afterwards.

Closed events are play party-like, more intimate, more erotic, more games, and there are always organized programs that promote connection with each other, in which participation is optional. These events are later than the public ones, you should arrive here between 20:00 and 20:30 so you don't miss the programs.

We have license for 189 people, but to avoid overcrowding, we do not sell more than 160 tickets. At closed parties, due to the more limited number of people in guided games, we often set the number limit even lower.

Sexual activity is always allowed in the club area, but it depends on the theme of the party, how typical it is, and in some cases (e.g. Softcore) there may be territorial restrictions. Open events are more about partying and dancing, but erotic games are also common in the BDSM room. There is more open sex at closed events, and even this is part of the theme at the Cuckolds and the Gang party.