Club membership - 2 days

A club member can register for any number of tickets to all our advertised events, access exclusive programs, and enjoy advantages even at public events.

4.000 Ft / 2 days

This is a temporary club membership!

We recommend this membership if you are a tourist who only wants to buy ticket(s) for a single closed event.

In all other cases, it's advisable to choose the annual membership: Annual Club Memberships

The 2-day membership comes with the same rights and responsibilities as the annual membership, and violators of the rules cannot buy membership anymore.


Why is being a club member worth it?

– A club member can also register tickets for closed club events.
– Generally, club members have priority access to registration for public events, so they don't miss out.
– Club members can also register tickets for guests who are not members themselves (in this case, the club member is responsible for the behavior of their guests).


How can I come to the club if I'm not a member?

There are two options for visiting us without having your own club membership:
1. Some of our events are public, and you can buy tickets for them if club members, who have priority access, have not to registered all available spots.
2. If you know a club member, you can ask them to register a ticket for you as their guest.