You can only wear street clothes up to the unisex changing room and the coat check area within the club premises. Only those who adhere to the dress code requirements can enter the party area, which is checked at the party entrance. There will be no refunds for those who do not respect the dress code rules!


Want to know if your outfit is appropriate for the dress code? Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Would people in other parties point fingers at me?

2. Does my appearance prove that I was able to leave behind the conventions of society?

3. Is my outfit enriching for the community?

If the answers are 3 definite yes, than you are in the clear. If only two, than rather ask us!

If only one, than rethink your outfit!


Based on our experience, we specifically highlight than you will definitely not get in:

- In everyday, streetwear.

- As a guy only topless without any exciting accessories.

- In jeans or camo outfit.

- If you argue with the dresscode inspector:


Our advices:

- Let your fantasy run wild, but it can be a good starting point if you think within the following themes: Fetish-Erotic, Fetish-BDSM, Fetish-Burlesque, Fetish-Goth, Uniform (except military), Fetish Glamour, Body Art, Fetish Animal, Cross-Dress, Medical, Fetish Steam-Punk, Baroque.

- It's advantageous to choose from the following materials: Latex, vinyl, leather, fake leather, lycra, spandex, metal, plastic, see-trough, mesh, lace.

- We also consider human skin beautiful, you can come topless or naked is you spice it up with exciting accessories. But you can cover various points of your body with black tape, liquid latex, body paint or sexy lingerie.

- You can choose different role-playing outfits too, for example: nurse, student, hooker, prisoner, cat, dog pony, playboy bunny.

- If you insist on sticking with classical elegance, then in addition to elegant costumes of old times, a black tie attire works as a loophole. In fact, you can leave the shirt out of it, but not the bow tie, that is an indispensable part of the style.

- You can cover your face with various masks, gas masks, Venetian masks, or extreme makeup.

Don't go for the bare minimum! The number of suitable outfits is infinite, and the imagination of our guests just keeps expanding the options. Even we can not define an exact limit for all these options, that's why in some cases the momentary subjective opinion of our dresscode inspector counts. But if you are pushing the lower limits, you may enter once in an outfit, but not the next time. That you were let in once is not enough, neither is if you think someone else's clothes are just the same as yours.


We especially note, that black jeans are jeans too. Once in a while - but only if it's an integral part of a very convincing getup - the dresscode inspector can make an exception for it, but that does not mean that it's off the blacklist.


For those whose outfit is not extreme enough, we can provide black tape instead of clothes, so that with enough creativity they could spice up their appearance.



Even the simplest of sexy garments can be fetish outfits with a bit of fantasy! Compliance with the fetish dresscode does NOT depend on money. You can create sexy and unique low-budget outfits, you can find ideas for this with the search terms below, if you want to use google to hunt for inspiration. Some of the search results may not meet the party's dresscode, but they could still give you some good ideas.

Fetish clothes / Fetish clothes man

Kinky clothes / Kinky clothes man

Extreme gothic clothes

Burlesque fetish

Body Art fetish

Drag Queen

Steam-Punk Fetish

Club Kid

Avant garde clothes


What kind of shoes to wear to a fetish party?

- First of all, like the rest of the outfit: that takes our breath away. Shoes are just as much part of the fetish outfit as any other pieces of clothing, so put effort into choosing this too! If you come in something unique, that would get you pointed at in other places, (but not because it's distasteful), then it's perfect. In case you can't find any special or unique shoes in your wardrobe, and decide to go with something more simple, make sure your outfit is impeccable and that even your shoes won't ruin the overall picture.

- Women's shoes have a greater variety to choose from, high heels accentuating the beauty of the feet, special platform shoes, thigh high boots and their counterparts. These pieces also provide entry on the feet of men.

- Suitable for everyone, a universal and the most common solution for a fetish party are boots, preferably made of shiny leather of faux leather. The brand is not important, what is, is that it's a worthy addition to your outfit.

- Elegance is also a good direction to take: you have a good chance of getting in with something that what works with a black-tie dresscode.

- But what about all the different sneakers and trainers? Generally we don't welcome them. We understand that you want to party comfortably, but a distasteful pair of sneakers can quite spoil the overall picture. Over the past few years however, several have managed to bring something so astonishing, the dresscode inspector made an exception, because they felt that this belongs to the first category, it's something jaw dropping.

Common misconceptions

The dress code applies for the entire duration of the party. It's not enough to just get in, later on, you can only wear casual outfits outside the party area.

While your partner's great attire reflects well on you, the dress code applies individually to everyone.

Every outfit is subject to individual assessment. The fact that we made an exceptions for a specific ensemble and allowed certain imperfect clothing items does not mean that it now complies with the dress code, and everyone can get in wearing something similar

It's possible that last time you may have barely made it in with an outfit that didn't quite meet the standards, but don't count on getting away with it again next time. It's worth selecting your outfit in such a way that it doesn't raise any doubts even in the strictest dress code enforcer.