Big Butt Big Fun – 2024. március

The party can only be visited with advance ticket registration!
Dresscode : Fetish
Entrance fee: 2,000 HUF
(1.000 HUF to be payed during ticket registration and an additional 1.000 HUF on site)
Wide hips are a symbol of femininity

The size of the hips is not accidentally associated with fertility. It was an evolutionary advantage for men when they wanted to chose a woman with wide pelvic, so they are instinctively attracted to the fuller buttocks, and only at the end of the 20th century the media had overshadowed this traditional beauty ideal. But not everyone lets their taste to be influenced!

So the main role is played by the round forms this evening.

– If you're a girl who has something to shake, this is the best time to show it to those who come just for that. You can be the queen of this evening!

– If you're a man or woman who can't get enough of the sight of bottoms, this party is a dream come true for you. If you didn't develop your taste under media pressure, then this is your place at one of our most eventful parties.


Shibari Show: Princess Nova and RopeJackal

Community kinks (everyone present can participate in the games, but no one is required to):
– Assess my ass!
– Living couch.
– Touch the butt!
– Twerk-pong
– Spanking competition.
– Write on me!


By registering for the ticket, you accept that participation in the party is subject to compliance with the Dresscode and the Rules of the club. The ticket registration fee is non-refundable.

Date : 16th March 2024

Idő : 20:00 – 02:00

Ticket registration is only available to club members