Freedom Fetish Double Edition – 2024. jan. 27.

Dresscode : Fetish

The Freedom Fetish Party can only be attended with tickets bought in advance! There will be no ticket sales at the venue.

Entrance fee:

Early Bird ticket that can be purchased in person: HUF 7,900
Until December 31st, 2023 at Ministry of Freedom club parties (see events)

Online Supporter Ticket: HUF 11,900
100 pcs can be purchased here on the site

Normal Ticket: HUF 8,900
2024. január 1-től elérhetők online az esetlegesen megmaradt jegyek

The biggest Hungarian fetish party
The party's own website:

Freedom Fetish steps up again! Last year, we already did a double-sized party, for which all the tickets were sold out a month in advance, just like for the smaller parties of 450 people. This year, we also found the perfect location, where we can set up a huge, two-level hedonistic heaven on January 27, 2024.

The Freedom Fetish party is Hungary's biggest fetish/BDSM party. It's a dress code fetish party where we simultaneously evoke the free hedonism of Berlin's KitKat Club, the playful sessions of the dungeons at London and Rome's Torture Garden parties, and the decadence of Amsterdam's Wasteland parties so you can party as if there's no tomorrow

We are waiting for you with special shows, fine dining sweets, our resident DJs, an adult playground consisting of several rooms and many wonderful treats that have established the reputation of Freedom Fetish.

The gates of the Freedom Fetish Party lead to another universe that can only be entered by letting go of everyday conventions. The dress code ensures that no one is a mere onlooker, but everyone contributes to the communal joy by leaving behind society's clothing norms and truly reveal themselves.

We would also draw the attention of our regular guests to the fact that this party is different from the parties of the Ministry of Freedom:
  • It is at another location, the Turbina Cultural Center.
  • Tickets are sold weeks (often months) before the party.
  • It's a party with hundreds of people.
  • It lasts until 4:45 am.

More information about Freedom Fetish, gallery of previous parties:

By purchasing a ticket, you accept that participation in the party is only possible by adhering to the Dresscode and the Rules . There is no possibility of a ticket refund.

Date : 27th January 2024

Idő : 21:00 – 05:00

All Tickets Sold!!