Softcore party + market – 2023. augusztus

The party can only be visited with advance ticket registration!

Dresscode : Fetish Casual

Entrance fee:

18 óra előtt érkezőknek: 500 Ft
(to be payed during ticket registration)

18 óra után érkezőknek: 1500 Ft 
(jegyregisztráció során 500 és a helyszínen további 1000 Ft fizetendő)

Entering the Universe of Freedom

Who is the Softcore Party recommended for?

– Beginners who want to explore the fetish world cautiously: This is the Ministry of Freedom club's mildest party (but be prepared, it's still wilder than any other party in town).

– Experienced individuals who enjoy helping beginners on this fantastic journey.

– Those who want to party to the music of the best DJs in the fetish world.

– People for whom the dance floor is not a place for orgies: At this party, we kindly ask you to engage in sexual activities only in the playroom.

– Those who haven't found their fetish in clothing yet: This party has the mildest dress code in effect.

– Those who don't like staying out all night: This party truly lasts from 4 PM to midnight, and it's worth arriving early!

Those who don't have a membership yet: This is the club's visitation day. 



Az eseményen két remek DJ felel majd a zenei felhozatalért:
– BBQ Bob
– Sultn


A party során a chill teremben fetish öltözékeket és kiegészítőket vásárolhattok. 

Magoria :


By registering for the ticket, you accept that participation in the party is subject to compliance with the Dresscode and the Rules betartásával lehet részt venni. A jegyregisztráció árának visszatérítésére nincs lehetőség

Dátum : 2023. augusztus 19.

Time: 4 PM - 12 AM

All Tickets Sold!!