Fetish Casual

You can only wear street clothes up to the unisex changing room and the coat check area within the club premises. Only those who adhere to the dress code requirements can enter the party area, which is checked at the party entrance. There will be no refunds for those who do not respect the dress code rules!

Fetish Casual is the club's most lenient dress code. While attire adhering to the fetish dresscode is preferred, for events with the Fetish Casual dress code, you can also gain entry with the following more relaxed outfits in addition to fetish wear:

– Suit.

– Lingerie (in this case, for men, underwear is sufficient, but it should be tasteful, e.g., a pair of briefs in good condition).

Tasteful black attire: As a last resort, if you arrive from elsewhere, you can still gain entry by removing any clothing items that are not black.

Of course, we would appreciate it if you didn't take advantage of these concessions and helped maintain the vibrant and colorful fetish universe.

Common misconceptions

The dress code applies for the entire duration of the party. It's not enough to just get in, later on, you can only wear casual outfits outside the party area.

While your partner's great attire reflects well on you, the dress code applies individually to everyone.

Every outfit is subject to individual assessment. The fact that we made an exceptions for a specific ensemble and allowed certain imperfect clothing items does not mean that it now complies with the dress code, and everyone can get in wearing something similar

It's possible that last time you may have barely made it in with an outfit that didn't quite meet the standards, but don't count on getting away with it again next time. It's worth selecting your outfit in such a way that it doesn't raise any doubts even in the strictest dress code enforcer.