Couples and Unicorns – December 2023

The party can only be visited with advance ticket registration!

Dresscode : Fetish

Entrance free: 3000 Ft/person (to be payed during ticket registration) 
For single male attendees, the entrance fee is 8000 Ft (3000 Ft paid during ticket registration, the rest to be paid at the venue)
  • Human Christmas tree: Arrive early and take part in her decorating.
  • Color coded wristband: indicates if you are open to play with others
  • The girl and the hoop: Erotic aerial neon show
  • Couple's rapid date (for the first 12 couples who apply)
  • DJ: Ikati

Many couples have discovered that there is no better choice for an erotically charged party than a fetish event. We aim to provide them with an exceptionally delightful experience in this theme, designed in a way that caters to everyone, from shy beginners to the most open-minded hardcore couples. It's up to you whether the sight of fetish-clad bodies dancing around you in the large hall appeals to you, or perhaps you prefer to play in the dungeon, or join a multi-player adventure in the small room.

But who are these unicorns? In the polyamorous and swinger community, this term is used for single women (rarely for men) who join couples for the pleasure of both parties. On this evening, we primarily expect female unicorns – male 'unicorns' can only participate in limited numbers and must adhere to the extra rule regarding them: they can only approach couples if the couple initiates the interaction.

Wristband color codes:

– Black: "We are in a completely monogamous relationship."

– White: "We might play with others occasionally." 
Openness can take many forms, and we don't believe that a color can express who, when, or what kind of activities a couple or unicorn (single person open to engaging with couples) is open to. Therefore, the white wristband does not imply anything specific. Even with the wristband, verbal consent is necessary for any approach.


By registering for the ticket, you accept that participation in the party is subject to compliance with the Dresscode and the Rules of the club. The ticket registration fee is non-refundable.

Dátum : 2023. december 16.

Idő : 20:00 – 02:00

Ticket registration is only available to club members