Rock’n’ Fetish – April 2024

The party can only be visited with advance ticket registration!
Entrance fee:
– For arrivals before 6 PM: HUF 2,900
– For arrivals after 6 PM: 3900 Ft

During ticket registration, you only pay HUF 1,900 of this.
(The remaining amount is payable on-site.)
elyszínen fizetendő.)

The most lighthearted fetish party

Experience the sex-positive universe of the Ministry of Freedom tuned to rock music! The outfits here are also crazy, but maybe a little more leather, more studs, more dark and gothic clothes.
But here, anything can happen, and everything does happen.

17:30 Orgasm Interview Level 2 – This time we try to disturb Reni's pleasure with questions, who still tries to satisfy herself in a bolder form than usual.

DJ: Sultn

When we started our fetish party series based on rock music, even we didn't know that this will be the party where the miracle happens most often, that the whole crowd jumps onto the dance floor hearing a well-known song, and the fetish crowd comes together to dance.

Now this party has become a serious international event, where fetish audiences come from many countries to see how much life rock music can bring to the world of fetish parties. At the last Rock'n'Fetish Party, representatives of 10 nations mingled on the dance floor and in our adult playgrounds.


Dresscode : Fetish

By registering for the ticket, you accept that participation in the party is subject to compliance with the Dresscode and the Rules of the club. The ticket registration fee is non-refundable.

Date : 20th April 2024

Time: 4 PM - 12 AM

Registration Deadline Expired!!