Uniform Fetish Party – March 2024

The party can only be visited with advance ticket registration!

Dresscode : Uniform or Fetish

Entrance fee:

In a uniform: 2,500 HUF
(to be payed during ticket registration)
In normal fetish dresscode: 4,500 HUF
(2,500 Ft to be payed during ticket registration and an additional 2,000 Ft on site)


On public demand!
We asked you what themed party you would come to, and clearly it won, so we'll do one for you in this season. 

The uniform is sexy for everyone!

Imagine a party where men are dressed up as soldiers, policemen, pilots or captains, and the girls as stewardesses, nurses, Japanese school girls or French maids. Or vice versa: eg. a police girl and a male flight attendant. Of course, our list cannot be complete; from firefighters to geishas, and many other exciting dress standards can give you an idea for your sets. The point is, when the dresscode inspector sees you, they can say nothing but Woww!

What is the perfect uniform for a fetish party? Look at the Uniform dresscode description for more information. We just emphasize that the uniform doesn't have to be real, but it does have to be sexy!

You can be authentic or creative, just impress us! 


If you want to save a memory about yourself on this special day, you will have the opportunity. There will be a photographer in the club who will take photos of those who ask for it, but of no one else. (The prerequisite for photoshooting is a written contribution. Anyone who does not do this will not need to worry, there will not be taken any picture of them.)


By registering for the ticket, you accept that participation in the party is subject to compliance with the Dresscode and the Rules of the club. The ticket registration fee is non-refundable.

Date : 9th March 2024

Time: 4 PM - 12 AM

Registration Deadline Expired!!